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Maplewood NCT PEN

Stiga Blades

Maplewood NCT PEN


Maplewood NCT PEN

from 78.99

Maplewood NCT V PEN

The Maplewood NCT V is a 5-ply blade that is exceptional for playing an aggressive game with control. The Maplewood NCT V is a new addition to the Hardwood blade series that includes Rosewood and Ebenholz. An outstanding long trajectory when hitting spinny balls is a great strength of this blade, while extra touch makes execution of your shots a dream come true.

Class: OFF   Speed: 89   Control: 67   Weight: 83   Plies: 5w   Thickness: 6.0   Handles: C   


Maplewood NCT VII PEN

The Maplewood NCT VII is a 7-ply blade with inherent offensive potential that is very well suited to highly skilled players. This is the Chinese-style version. Unique, hand-selected woods are selected and the blade is very well-balanced. Maplewood NCT VII has an outstanding long trajectory when hitting spinny balls, and experienced players will love the feeling that the blade responds perfectly to the mental flow of the game.

Class: OFF+   Speed: 93   Control: 70   Weight: 92   Plies: 7w   Thickness: 6.5   Handles: C

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